Senior Art Director and creative consultant based in Stockholm

Building successful brands through aligned strategy and design

Brand strategy

Strategy is always the starting point. Who are you (and who do you want to be), who are your customers, why are you unique and why should anybody care? Without this foundation, the visual aspects of a brand will just be decorative and not relevant to your audience. The goal is to make the right people emotionally want to connect with your brand.

Example of deliverables:
Brand Platform,
Brand Voice Guidelines

Brand design

I design brands that speak directly to the hearts of your audience. Directly from the heart of your brand. Because people make decisions based on gut feeling and instinct, rather than logical thinking. The goal is a brand identity that is unique, cuts through the clutter and appeals to exactly the right people, but also an identity that is easy for you to use and maintain.

Example of deliverables:
Brand Identity Guidelines

Brand experience

With all the pieces of the puzzle in place, we can create unique and relevant brand experiences together. Your brand is everything you do, say and breathe, and we need to make sure that your brand values are carried through consistently, in all type of channels. But frankly, we also just want to create something really awesome, that we're all proud of.

Example of deliverables:
All sorts of assets, depending on the project (e.g. packaging, website, SoMe templates, brand photography, ads, books, signage, posters, merch… you name it)


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Your branding should be:

What I do

I run a one woman design studio, meaning that I work in the same way as I did for many years as an Art Director employed at advertising/design agencies, using the same process and ending up with the same result. I still work together with my large network of experts in different fields (developers, animators, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, content creators etc.) to accommodate every need that may arise during a project. But running my own show means we can skip the large overhead costs that come with an agency (project managers, creative directors, agency partners, expensive office spaces…). This way of working means that you don’t have to be a multi-million dollar company to be able afford high quality branding and design.

I specialise in brand identity (design and strategy) and packaging design. And, as a true foodie by heart, I also love any kind of food related project: Art Directing food photography , designing cookbooks or Art Directing/designing any food related content, including recipe creation.

Brand identity/visual identity
Brand strategy
Packaging Design
Art Direction
Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Web Design
App Design
Photography Art Direction
Concept and idea
Annual Report Design and Art Direction


Working with me should be a smooth and enjoyable experience, which is why I’ve boilt down 15+ years of experience into a clear and solid process. For a typical Brand Identity project the process usually involves the following steps:

1. Understanding

Every project starts with understanding. Start-up meeting, and sometimes a workshop, to form a clear understanding of your business, your situation and the problem that we need to solve. 

2. Research & Strategy

Discovering your business today: your environment, competitors, challenges, opportunities etc. Setting the strategy and creative direction for your business and for the project – a step that is vital for a successful brand identity project.

3. Creation/Design

This is where the fun starts! With all the pieces of the puzzle in place, we start boiling down all the insights that we gathered in the previous step to design concepts and sketches, guided by a clear concept.

4. Iteration

Sorting through all the experiments and sketches from the previous phase, testing and iterating, choosing and fine-tuning the design until we find the perfect solution. 

5. Implementation

Once we have a final design, it’s time to start crafting all the assets and putting together the brand guidelines. This may entail collaboration with other experts such as photographers, illustrators, copywriters or web developers.

Selected clients

Arla Foods








ASSA Abloy



Klein's Kitchen




Pernod Ricard


Martin & Servera






Stockholms universitet

Årets Kock

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I love branding (and food)

With 15+ years of Art Direction experience from both agencies and running my own consulting business, I can help with most things design related. I take on projects both individually and in collaboration with other creatives. Freelancer or full agency – it’s up to you.

I share a studio with a bunch of other creatives in a beautiful, old industrial building by Fridhemsplan, Stockholm. We work in different areas such as photography, illustration, content production, graphic and interior design, but all share a passion for food! The space ( includes a huge kitchen area and photo studio and is perfect for any food related project, including a full agency of passionate creatives. Don’t hesitate to stop by for a coffee!