Brand strategist turned brand designer

I’ve worked with branding in some shape or form for 18 years, with a couple of years on the client side as a Marketing Manager, before following my heart and switching to the creator side. It was the best thing I could have done (despite still paying off my student loans for that long university degree). I specialise in branding, and design new or modified brand identities for companies of all sizes, using my strategy skills as the base for the design direction. 

My heart lies in telling stories and making a mark, whether that is through a clever ad campaign or a well-crafted brand identity or packaging design. The important thing is that whatever is communicated evokes emotion and speaks directly to the hearts of the target audience.

Running a one-woman design studio means that I work in the same way as I did for many years as an Art Director employed at advertising/design agencies, using the same process and ending up with the same result. I still work together with my large network of experts in different fields (developers, animators, copywriters, photographers, illustrators, content creators etc.) to accommodate every need that may arise during a project. But running my own show means we can skip the large overhead costs that come with an agency (project managers, creative directors, agency partners, expensive office spaces…). This way of working means that you don’t have to be a huge company to be able afford high quality branding and design. Also, the turnaround time will be faster.

I’m based in Stockholm, Sweden, where I share a studio space with a bunch of other creatives, specialised in areas such as food photography, recipe creation, illustration, editing and interior design. As a true foodie by heart, it certainly is a dream studio, that allows for exciting food-related collaborations.

Work experience:

Seventy-five Year Plan AB (2016-present)

Senior Art Director & Independent Creative Consultant. Working with own clients as well as various advertising and design agencies. Clients include Tv4/Nexiko, Cancerfonden, Regeringskansliet, KTH, Rullebo, Huge Fastigheter, Hyresgästföreningen, Klein's Kitchen, Ilsø, Livsmedelsföretagen, Skolporten and various advertising agencies (with clients such as Telia, Sandvik, ASSA Abloy, Hemglass, Martin & Servera, Apotek Hjärtat and Netonnet).

New Normal/Kärnhuset (2008-2015)

Art Director. Working with Art Direction/concept, graphic design (specialising in visual identities/branding), web design, Art Direction of photo shoots etc. for clients such as Arla Foods, Lantmännen, Livsmedelsverket, Juristbyrån, Stockholmståg, Stockholm University, Fonus, Assistans för dig and Pensionsmyndigheten.

Oriflame (2008)

Layout Artist. Designing catalogues and PR material, planning and assisting at photo shoots.

IQPC (2005-2006)

Marketing Manager and Head of list research team. Responsible for marketing of conferences, from researching and setting up a marketing plan, to executing it (via media partners and contra deals, e-mail campaigns, web site campaigns, direct mail etc) and eventually debriefing, analysing and following up. Personnel Manager for a team of 12 list researchers, responsible for market research.


Berghs School of Communication, Stockholm (2021)

UX Design/Interface Design.

Shillington College, Sydney (2007)

Graphic Design and Art Direction.

Uppsala University (2004)

Bachelor of Laws – LBB, Commercial Law, International Business Law.

Uppsala University (1999-2003)

Master of Science – MSc in Business and Economics, Marketing.

Monash University, Melbourne (2002)

Marketing, as a part of MSc.

Malmö University (2004)

Designing with Adobe Illustrator.

Keep in touch:

Come by the studio for a coffee: Matstudion, Sankt Eriksgatan 48E, Stockholm

E-mail me at:

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I love branding (and food)

With 15+ years of Art Direction experience from both agencies and running my own consulting business, I can help with most things design related. I take on projects both individually and in collaboration with other creatives. Freelancer or full agency – it’s up to you.

I share a studio with a bunch of other creatives in a beautiful, old industrial building by Fridhemsplan, Stockholm. We work in different areas such as photography, illustration, content production, graphic and interior design, but all share a passion for food! The space ( includes a huge kitchen area and photo studio and is perfect for any food related project, including a full agency of passionate creatives. Don’t hesitate to stop by for a coffee!