Cancerfonden SFI educational material

An extensive educational material (in both printed and digital form) by Cancerfonden about health and the Swedish healthcare system, to be used in SFI classes (Swedish for immigrants). Togehter with talented illustrator Anna Pers Bräcke we carefully developed Cancerfonden’s existing brand illustration style to be able to build larger, more engaging illustration scenes. The material quickly became one of the most ordered publications on and is currently being reprinted for the third time, just a couple of months after the release.

The material was awarded Gold at the Swedish Publishing Prize Gala in 2023, with the motivation ”For a professional and relevant material with excellent typography and remarkable target group adaptation”.

My role: Art director, graphic designer, UI designer
Agency: Kapi Agency
Client: Cancerfonden
Illustrator: Anna Pers Bräcke

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