Redesigning breakfast

A six weeks passion project

I decided to combine my passion for food and design through this passion project, where I got to share six of my best breakfast recipes and redesigning the packaging or labels of one of the ingredients at the same time.

The rules and boundaries were these:

🌟 I’ll share one recipe a week, for six weeks straight.

🌟 It has to be quick. I can’t spend more than a couple of hours a week, tops. This means: a quick and easy photo shoot in the living room, preferably with my iPhone. Done is better than perfect.

🌟 Same for the labels, don’t overthink it or spend hours perfecting details. Just go with the flow and have fun. Done is better than perfect.

🌟 I’m not allowed to buy any props, I can only use things that are already in the house for styling and cooking.

🌟 I am however allowed (and encouraged) to alter details in Photoshop with AI tools. I thought this could be a fun challenge, to see if the generative fill features could work for things like this, and to practice my prompting.

What I learned:

  • I definitely upped my food styling and photography skills during these weeks, but I also realised how much I love working with professional photographers and food stylists and my job as an Art Director! It’s such a luxury being able to have a clear creative vision and seeing it being realised with the help of other professionals (as opposed to having a creative vision and having to accept that I’m not the professional photographer or stylist needed to make it perfect, haha).

  • I realised how much I love working with food and food related projects, both Art Directing/idea and packaging design. And also, that I want to start sharing more of my recipes! Food blog/insta coming up.

  • The generative AI feature in Photoshop can work really well sometimes (especially when adding completely new things to an empty area of a photo or removing something) and really bad the rest of the time. But my prompting skills improved a lot, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the AI tools will develop. Can you spot the details I added to these images with generative AI?
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I love branding (and food)

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I share a studio with a bunch of other creatives in a beautiful, old industrial building by Fridhemsplan, Stockholm. We work in different areas such as photography, illustration, content production, graphic and interior design, but all share a passion for food! The space ( includes a huge kitchen area and photo studio and is perfect for any food related project, including a full agency of passionate creatives. Don’t hesitate to stop by for a coffee!