Stockholm University

Stockholm University marketing concept

Sweden's largest university Stockholm University needed a completely new branding concept and I was honoured to be the Art Director of this extensive project, together with Kärnhuset agency. Our mission was to enforce their position of being the premium choice of university education in the big city. To achieve this, we focused on shining the light on some of the prominent alumni who attended Stockholm university, and worked with talented photographer duo Cooper & Gorfer to develop a new image concept, where eye catching closeups of students were merged in captivating big city scenes in an artistic, modern way.

We managed to increase the applications with 12% after the first campaign launch in 2011 and an additional 19% after the second launch in 2012. Furthermore, marketing surveys showed a big increase in the number of potential students who perceived Stockholm University as a professional, high quality university. The concept was carried out on a variety of applications and channels, such as large billboards and posters in the subway, animated films on digital billboards throughout Stockholm city and adverts in newspapers, as well as on the website and cover of catalogues etc.

My role: Art Director and designer
Copywriter: Fredric Thunholm
Agency: Kärnhuset/New Normal
Photo: Cooper & Gorfer
Client: Stockholm University

Updated concept 2012 below, highlighting the research at the university.

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